Random Acts Season 3: Compliment Cruise
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Compliment Cruise

In this season 3 segment of Random Acts, Will and Emilie take it to the River Walk for the most elaborate compliment session you've ever seen! Check it out and then keep reading to find out how you can create this random act all on your own!

Here's how YOU can do this Random Act!

There is only ONE thing better than watching Random Acts, and that is DOING random acts! Here are 3 ways you can recreate "Compliment Cruise" at home! Trust us, it's easy!

  1. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood and say something nice to everyone you see!
  2. Pick three people and write them a note that talks about the things you love about them. Be sure to leave it somewhere where they'll see it!
  3. Call your grandparents on the phone and give them a compliment or two!

If you do these random acts of kindness, don't forget to put them in your 10 Days of Kindness journal and share it with us using #1000RandomActs and #RandomActstv!

Watch the FULL Random Acts Episode

If you missed episode 3 of Season 3, you can watch the entire episode below!

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