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We're wrapping up our Random Acts host questions with one final interview: Stephen!

See which host he thinks is the smartest, the craziest, the most stylish, and more!

BYUtv: Who is the crier?

Stephen: Who would I say is the crier? They're not going to like me saying this but I mean it's the genuine way, like honestly, Will Rubio, he’s the most sincere person you have ever met in your life.

BYUtv: Who is the daredevil?

Stephen: Daredevil, I think is Emilie, without a question. You'll be like, "Emilie, go over there!" She’ll be like, "Okay!" You be like, "Emilie, say that!" She be like, "All right." But she will do anything, say anything, go anywhere, be anywhere.

BYUtv: Who is the most stylish?

Stephen: Most stylish, I think everybody is pretty stylish.

BYUtv: Who is the smartest?

Stephen: Lisa is very emotionally intelligent. And she is very aware, she's kinda like the mom on the set, but she is very smart too, like she's very emotionally aware, but she also gets it and she goes for it, it's like one take and you're done. I would say Lisa.

BYUtv: Who is the craziest?

Stephen: Most craziest, I would say is Emilie because see, I was always told to never call a woman crazy, okay, so let me like, let me like, let me like, [laughing] explain what I mean. It kinda goes with the whole idea of she's willing to do anything. Like when you think, that's crazy, I can't believe she just did that. And she is not afraid of anything. So in that way, I think she is the craziest.

BYUtv: Who is the most likely to be the next president?

Stephen: Me, Barack Obama, I'll be the next president.

As Obama: "Yes, you can. All right. Thank you."

I don't know. I'm just joking.

BYUtv: Who is the most likely to bring in a stray dog?

Stephen: Without a doubt the most likely to take in a stray dog would be Will Rubio. I think he has a stray dog. Like, he loves animals.

BYUtv: Who is the best dancer?

Stephen: I like to break it down. I don't even care if you call it the best but I mean I'm not trying to like brag to myself. I've been dancing since dancing was dancing.

And That's A Wrap on our Host Questions!

If you missed the others, be sure to watch Will, Emilie, and Lisa in the hot seat!

And don't forget to follow Random Acts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and keep the random acts of kindness flowing!

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