10 Days of Random Acts Downloadable Journal
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10 Days of Random Acts

Here at Random Acts, we are challenging you to do 10 days of random acts, write them down, and then share them with us. The best part? We created a printable Random Acts journal to make this challenge simple and fun!

Get the downloadable journal and all the instructions below. Once your journal is filled out, be sure to post a picture and tag it with #1000RandomActs and #RandomActsTV!

Random Acts Downloadable Journal Instructions

  1. Carefully cut all the way around the paper on the outside dashed line.
  2. Fold along the three vertical dotted lines with the printed side facing out.
  3. Fold the far right and left vertical folds along the same line, but now so the printed side faces in. Leave the centerfold as it is.
  4. Carefully cut along the inside dashed line.
  5. Fold the entire paper in half along the horizontal lines (hot dog style) so the printed side faces out. The only parts you should fold on this step are the dotted lines on either side of the cut section.
  6. With the paper still folded in half, carefully push the ends of the paper together so that the centerfolds pops out where it is cut and forms a diamond shape.
  7. Keep pushing until the two sides meet in the middle and it has turned into a "plus" shape.
  8. Once in the "plus" shape, bring all the sides together so that the front and back covers are facing out.

Click here for the Random Acts journal and all the instructions.

What To Do With Your Random Acts Journal

  1. Do a random act every day for 10 days.
  2. Write down what you did in this journal.
  3. Post a picture of your filled out journal with #1000RandomActs and #RandomActsTV
  4. Print out a new journal and keep the kindness going!

Need Random Act Ideas?

If you need help thinking of what to do for your random acts, check out these posts where we give you weekly ideas of acts of kindness you can do at home!

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