Calling All Do-Gooders! Help Fill the World with #1000randomacts
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Help Random Acts fill the world with goodness! Share your kind-hearted capers on social media using #1000randomacts, and download the kit below to get started.

Calling all do-gooders! The Random Acts team is on a mission to highlight one thousand random acts of kindness on social media, and they need your help!

The next time you feed a stranger's parking meter, mow your out-of-town neighbor's lawn, or offer an extra donut to your coworker, Random Acts wants to see it! Post a picture or video of your good deed to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the #1000randomacts hashtag. You can also highlight someone else's kindness—anything nice you happen to witness from a family member, friend, or complete stranger! In the end, our goal is to showcase a total of 1,000 random acts with the world.

Everyone has the power to influence their community for the better, however small your contribution may seem at first. The purpose of #1000randomacts is to celebrate and encourage good deeds everywhere, both big and small—and it's a lot easier than you may think to get involved! As Random Acts host Lisa Valentine Clark once said, "Don't overthink it! If your intent is to help, do it!"

Everyone knows someone who could use a helping hand, but if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve created a downloadable kindness kit! Check it out here—it’s full of fun ideas from thank you cards to cootie catchers!

Have we convinced you to join the movement? Share the random acts of kindness you’ve witnessed, received, or taken part in on social media using the hashtag #1000randomacts to help spread the word.

Need a little more inspiration? You can stream full-length episodes of Random Acts right here at

Check out the amazing things others have done using #1000randomacts here:

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