Random Acts: Getting to Know Lisa
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The Random Acts Season 3 premiere is on Tuesday, April 3rd, and to get ready for it, we interviewed host Lisa Valentine Clark!

Find out what Random Acts looks like behind the scenes, how she would spend a magical day with no obligations, what food she'd bring to a deserted island, and more in her interview below:

BYUtv: What is your favorite part of the job?

Lisa: My favorite part of the job is coming to a place with really great, awesome people to work with, knowing that you're actually going to be part of something good for someone else. I mean, there's just not a better place to be, and there's just not a better job.

BYUtv: What are you excited for in this upcoming season?

Lisa: In the upcoming season, I'm really excited about all of the big, major random acts of kindness that we're doing.

BYUtv: How would you spend a day with no obligations?

Lisa: If I had a day free of any obligations--[laughs] That would never happen. If I did have one of these magical days that you speak of where I had no obligations, I would sleep, and then I would read, and then I would take a nap, and then I would eat something really good, and then I would watch a movie, and then I'd probably take a nap, and then wake up and eat something good.

BYUtv: What does Random Acts look like behind the scenes?

Lisa: Random Acts behind the scenes looks really goofy. We have a lot of fun behind the scenes. We have a really fun cast and crew, and we are constantly trying to make each other laugh and telling funny stories and just really being there for each other. So, it is organized chaos in the best sense of the word.

BYUtv: What 5 things would you bring with you to a deserted island?

Lisa: I would bring my husband and my kids, can that count as two? Really good music, a big stack of books, and good food. I kinda cheated on that one.

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Will loves soft bed sheets, Emilie can't live without crab meat and butter, and Lisa can't fathom a day existing where she has no obligations. Stay tuned for Stephen's interview and meanwhile, rewatch Season 2 and play BINGO with your friends and family!

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