Random Acts Wallpaper #11
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A new Random Acts wallpaper is here to bring an explosion of kindness to your devices!

Introducing the "Confetti" Wallpaper!

Nothing brings that party-feeling to life quite like confetti, and, unlike real confetti, the kindness kind never runs out.

So add a party pop to your life! Grab a handful and throw!

Keep scrolling to download different versions of this wallpaper for your mobile, tablet, and desktop device.

Download This Random Acts Wallpaper

To get this Random Acts wallpaper, simply click the "download" buttons below!

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We hope these wallpapers remind you to do random acts of kindness wherever you go! And make sure you're writing your acts of kindness down in this easy-to-make, downloadable journal.

Don't forget to check back next month for an all-new Random Acts wallpaper.

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