Random Acts Season 3: Yard in the Cards
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Yard in the Cards

Would you donate your time to work on a community service project for a friend in need? Watch to see how the Random Acts team unites with a local community to help Kadee and her family get their dream backyard in this Season 3 segment of Random Acts! And then keep reading to find out how you can create this random act all on your own!

Here's How You Can Do this Random Act!

Are you inspired by this Random Act? Good news! We thought of three ways YOU can recreate "Yard in the Cards" at home!

  1. With the chilly weather and snow falling, what better way to show you care than to shovel a neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk?
  2. When there’s not snow on the ground, try getting your community together to help someone in need by pulling weeds, raking leaves, or mowing their lawn.
  3. Pick up trash around the neighborhood or at local parks to make sure the community stays clean.

Watch the FULL Random Acts Episode

If you missed episode 9 of Season 3, you can watch the entire episode below!

Tune in for episodes of Random Acts every Tuesday night at 7 pm for an hour of hidden pranks that are sure to put a smile on your face. You can even watch each episode while playing BINGO! And, be sure to catch the Season 4 premiere on Tuesday, January 22nd!

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