Random Acts Season 4: Fortune Teller
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Fortune Teller

What's gold and purple and controls the future? How about the Random Acts crew with their fingers in fate again! Watch as hosts Jenna and Will harness the power of the universe to reward worthy passersby with the fortune of a lifetime.

After watching, read on and find out how you can exercise your own genie-us to do this random act at home!

Here's How You Can Do this Random Act!

People from all backgrounds love having their fortunes told—Now it's your turn to bring their good fortunes to life! Try out the ideas below for a fun-filled afternoon of service that's sure to spread the love around. This genie foretells . . . a windfall of kindness in your future!

  1. Pass out fortune cookies in your neighborhood and make new friends.
  2. Ask someone about their future dreams and listen supportively while they talk. Offer your skills if there's something you can do to help them succeed!
  3. Invite someone lonely to go on an adventure with you. Seek your fortunes together!

If you do these random acts of kindness, don't forget to put them in your 10 Days of Kindness journal and share it with us using #1000RandomActs and #RandomActstv!

Watch the FULL Random Acts Episode

If you missed episode 7 of Season 4, you can watch the entire episode below!

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