Random Acts Season 4: Phone Proposal
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Phone Proposal

It's not every day you get to witness a surprise proposal, especially when it's for you! Watch as Random Acts' Will and Emilie solicit the help of strangers to take part in a proposal, only to be surprised with a reward for being so kind!

But these Random Acts aren’t just for watching—they’re for doing! So keep reading to see how you can bring these acts of service to life in your own community.

Here's How You Can Do this Random Act!

There are people all around you that could use a helping hand. Here are three ways you can recreate the inspiring acts in “Phone Proposal”:

  1. Offer to lend your phone or computer charger to a classmate, coworker, or friend when their battery dies.
  2. Take a second to put down your phone and talk to the people around you, whether it be in line at the grocery store or at home with your family.
  3. Call a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while.

If you do these random acts of kindness, don't forget to put them in your 10 Days of Kindness journal and share it with us using #1000RandomActs and #RandomActstv!

Watch the FULL Random Acts Episode

If you missed episode 1 of Season 4, you can watch the entire episode below!

Tune in for episodes of Random Acts every Tuesday night at 7pm MT for an hour of hidden pranks that are sure to put a smile on your face. You can even watch each episode while playing BINGO!

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