Random Acts: Getting to Know Emilie
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The Random Acts Season 3 premiere is on Tuesday, April 3rd, and to get ready for it, we interviewed host Emilie Starr!

Find out what she's excited for in Season 3, how she would spend a day with no obligations, what food she'd bring to a deserted island, and more in her interview below:

BYUtv: What is your favorite part of the job?

Emilie: My favorite part of the job is when people find out what we're doing for them, and that moment when they realize that not just strangers have come together to help them out, but the friends and their family and their neighbors, which is the most important one because they're the people you love. And gosh, this show is just straight up love.

BYUtv: What are you excited for in this upcoming season?

Emilie: Oh my gosh, helping people, like I'm just looking forward to the look on people's faces when they realize that they're on a hidden camera show and everything that's happening is for them.

BYUtv: How would you spend a day with no obligations?

Emilie: Sleeping? I would sleep, 'cause when I'm awake I'm going like 100 percent. And if I didn't have to go 100 percent, I would probably pass out and sleep. That entire day. Then wake up and go back to sleep.

BYUtv: What does Random Acts look like behind the scenes?

Emilie: Organized chaos, and it's awesome. It's so much fun because something will change and everybody will say yes to it. Everyone just supports each other and makes jokes and fun videos. It really is so much fun.

BYUtv: What would you bring with you to a deserted island?

Emilie: Lisa Valentine Clark, an endless supply of crab meat and melted butter for us to munch on. I hope she likes crab. Probably a raft, and a subscription to BYUtv. So we could watch Random Acts.

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Will loves soft bed sheets, Emilie can't live without crab meat and butter, and Lisa can't fathom a day existing where she has no obligations. Stay tuned for Stephen's interview and meanwhile, rewatch Season 2 and play BINGO with your friends and family!

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