Random Acts: 3 Answers in 5 Seconds with Melanie
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3 Answers in 5 Seconds With Random Acts Host, Melanie!

You've gotten to know Melanie with our Rapid Fire questions, and now it's time to put her quick wit to the test!

Can she give us 3 answers in 5 seconds? (And is Sports Illustrated an acceptable answer for the question "Name 3 books?")

Don't Miss Melanie on Season 4 of Random Acts!

If you missed any Random Acts Season 4 episodes, don’t stress! You can watch them right here on BYUtv! These kindness pranks will have you laughing, crying, and wanting to spread the love to your own community!

You can also watch segments of Random Acts on Facebook and YouTube, and don't forget to follow Random Acts on Instagram and Twitter!

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