Random Acts Season 3: Saved By Service
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Saved By Service

Kendal was rescued by a Good Samaritan after a terrible accident but never got the chance to meet him.

In this segment of Random Acts, we teamed up with the Utah Jazz for the reunion of a lifetime:

Here's how YOU can do this Random Act!

Don't leave all the random acts up to the Random Acts team–it's time for YOU to do your own acts of kindness! Using "Saved By Service" as our guide, we put together a list of 3 simple things you can do at home to re-create this random act all on your own.

  1. Go on a walk around your neighborhood and look for people to serve (help with yard work, carry in groceries, help an elderly person across the street, etc.)
  2. Skype or FaceTime a friend/family member that you haven't talked to in a while
  3. Do volunteer work at a hospital near your home

If you do these random acts of kindness, don't forget to put them in your 10 Days of Kindness journal and share it with us using #1000RandomActs and #RandomActstv!

Watch the FULL Random Acts Episode

If you missed episode 8 of Season 3, you can watch the entire episode below!

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