Random Acts Wall of Kindness
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About The Mural: Random Acts Wall of Kindness

Here at Random Acts we want to inspire you to serve, see the good, and spread kindness–and what better way than with a massive 75 by 15 foot mural all about kindness?

We teamed up with Timothy Goodman, a NYC based muralist/illustrator, who was able to transform a normal parking garage into the Random Acts Wall of Kindness in just 15 hours!

Come See the Wall of Kindness!

The Random Acts Wall of Kindness is located on the Walker Center Parking Lot at Regent Street & 200 S in Salt Lake City.

Come see the 1,125 square foot mural for yourself but don't waste another minute! The Random Acts Wall of Kindness is only available for a limited time.

Don't forget to snap a picture while you're there and share it on your favorite social platform using #RandomActsTv and #1000RandomActs.

Here are some of our favorite moments at the Random Acts Wall of Kindness so far:

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Can You Spot It?

Every word and picture on the Random Acts Wall of Kindness is inspired by kindness. When you go see the mural in person, see if you can spot these things on the wall!

Spot These Items

  • mountains
  • heart
  • gluestick
  • pencil
  • ear
  • airplane
  • paintbrush
  • umbrella
  • book
  • stereo
  • mop
  • candy

Spot These Words

  • humaneness
  • fairness
  • tenderness
  • gentleness
  • thoughtfulness
  • sweetness
  • niceness
  • politeness
  • goodness
  • friendliness
  • graciousness
  • loveliness
  • mindfulness
  • unselfishness

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