The Kindness Diaries: Meet Kindness 2!
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It's Time to Meet Kindness 2!

The countdown for the Season 2 premiere of The Kindness Diaries is on and we can't wait to watch Leon Logothetis start his second kindness journey on Tuesday, January 22nd, at 7:30pm MT!

Until then, find out all about Leon's newest mode of transportation, Kindness 2!

Leon: Okay, so, this is Herbie's eighth cousin, Kindness 2.

BYUtv: Why did you switch from Kindness 1?

Leon: So, I decided to switch Kindness 1 to Kindness 2, because Kindness 1 was 40 years old and always broke down. So, because I am very intelligent, I bought a 50-year-old car that always broke down.

BYUtv: How did you find Kindness 2?

Leon: I found Kindness 2 on the internet. I went and I put in the Google machine “yellow VW convertible Beetle,” and I found it and went to Tennessee, drove it for one minute. Realized that I was in a lot of trouble and there was no way this car was going to make it to Argentina, and shipped it to Alaska, and thought, you know what? Let's see if we can do it.

BYUtv: Was it love at first sight?

Leon: Um, well Kindness 2 is right behind me, so I can't be mean to her,\ so it was definitely love at first sight.

BYUtv: What did you do with Kindness 1?

Leon: People often ask me, what happened to Kindness 1? Where is she? Well, unfortunately Kindness 1 was made into scrap metal and made into spoons, yellow spoons.

No, I'm joking. She's in my house.

BYUtv: Why the color yellow?

Leon: So, the reason why all my vehicles are yellow, is because yellow is the universal color of happiness and when you see a yellow car like that or a yellow motor-bike like Kindness 1, you want to talk to me. And if you don't want to talk to me, no one will ever help me.

BYUtv: Can you show us Kindness 2?

Leon: She is very beautiful, very temperamental, and has an open-top roof so that air can flow and my hair can flow back beautifully. And she is nearly 50 years old. She works well, 65-70% of the time. She's rather comfy. She's very comfy in fact, and this was my home on many occasions. I used to sleep right there, with my head over there. And when it got cold, I would do this. When it got warm, I would do this.

But truly, deeply, I love Kindness 2… a lot.

See Kindness 2 in Action on Season 2 of The Kindness Diaries

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 22nd, at 7:30pm MT, and join us on BYUtv for the Season 2 Premiere of The Kindness Diaries!

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