Hetty Feather Downloadable Chore Chart
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Downloadable Chore Chart Inspired by Hetty Feather

If you're a Hetty Feather fan, you know it's no secret that much of Hetty's time is spent doing chores. So, we created a chore chart inspired by Hetty Feather where you can write in your own chores AND do the type of chores that Hetty does like "taking out the rubbish."

Of course, no chore chart is complete without a reward! Whether you're downloading this chart for yourself or your kids, be sure to write in a reward that'll get you/them excited to get the job finished.

To download this chore chart, simply click here or right click on the image below:

Binge Watch Season 3 and 4

You've binged watched season 1 and season 2, and now you can binge watch season 3 AND season 4!

Watch season 3 below:

Watch season 4 below:

Happy binge-watching, friends!

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