All-Round Champion: Compete from Home—Gymnastics
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Compete from Home: Gymnastics

Get ready to bend and balance with Sydney's All-Round Champion sport—gymnastics. We've shrunk it down to a teeny-tiny at-home version you and your family can play together, so if you're feeling stiff from all your time stuck inside, better start those warmups!

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2020 Gymnastics Home Championship

What You'll Need

  • A stretch of sidewalk curbing
  • A jump rope
  • An open space to move around in
  • A stopwatch
  • A judge to award points


The 2020 Gymnastics Home Championship tests balance, flexibility, and strength. The competition takes place over three rounds—balance beam, limbo, and headstand.

How to Play

Round 1: Balance Beam

Designate a starting point and an ending point on a stretch of sidewalk curb to be your family's "balance beam." Going one at a time, contestants will complete a routine of walking down the beam normally, walking back to start on tiptoes, and then hopping to the end point on one foot. The judge times the routines and awards points as follows: 1st place gets 10 points, 2nd gets 8, 3rd gets 6, and all other contestants receive a point less in descending order based on their timings. Careful, fall off the beam and face elimination!

Round 2: Limbo

Have two people hold up ends of the jump rope and stretch it tight at waist height. Bending backward, contestants must walk under the rope without touching it. If all contestants make it through, lower the rope and repeat as many times as it takes to eliminate all but one person. Points are awarded as follows: everyone gets two points for every time they successfully make it under the rope. The last person standing gets an additional 5 points!

Round 3: Headstand

The final round is sheer endurance. In an open space, all contestants go into a headstand at the same time. The person who holds it the longest gets 10 points. Second-longest 8, third-longest 6, and everyone else one point less in descending order of how long they held their headstands.


Add up each contestant's points from all three rounds. Whoever has the most is crowned the 2020 Gymnastics Home Champion!

Have fun! And let us know how you do by tagging a picture of you and your family competing with #AllRoundChampion.

Watch All-Round Champion

On Season 1, the athletes have to flip through a much harder gymnastics competition. See how they do for free on the BYUtv app or

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