The Kindness Diaries: Episode Extras 1-3
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Episode Extras

You've seen episode one, two, and three of Season 2 of The Kindness Diaries, and now it's time for an extra sneak peek!

We met up with Leon and asked him to tell us some things that happened that didn't make the cut into the finished episodes. Check out these never-before-heard details below:

Leon: So, my favorite part of episode one, which you didn't see, was the time that I nearly got eaten by a bear.

Leon: One of my favorite parts of episode two, was I ended up going to an amazing spa in the middle of nowhere—just after I'd been saved from the car crash, but you're not going to get to see it, so I'm sorry about that.

Leon: My favorite part of episode three, which you are not going to see, is my meltdown in the car when my windscreen wipers broke. You'll see a little bit of a meltdown but you're not going to see the like not PG-13 rated meltdown.

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