The Kindness Diaries: Episode Extras 7-9
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Episode Extras 7-9

Now that you've seen episodes seven, eight, and nine of Season 2 of The Kindness Diaries, it's time for some episode extras!

(And psst! If you missed Leon's previous episode extras, you can watch the episode extras 1-3 here and you can watch episode extras 4-6 here!)

Leon on episode 7: To get from Panama to Columbia by land, you have to go through the Darien Gap, which is filled with drug dealers and really, really bad people. Um, and I decided that I wouldn't do that because otherwise, I wouldn't be here right now. But I was on a ship, I got on a ship and it was a beautiful, beautiful experience. You will see some of the sunset, some of the sunrises, but you won't really see what happened on the ship, because it was really a resting period. So, I'm sorry about that.

Leon on episode 8: In episode eight, I end up meeting this lady in Ecuador who rescues dogs and we had this beautiful conversation, very heartfelt, very emotional, because I had this dog called Winston Churchill, a little Boston terrier that I loved with every fiber of my being. And unfortunately, he died, but this lady really understood my pain. And I understood her pain, and it was really a beautiful, beautiful moment. One I will never forget.

Leon on episode 9: Okay, so, if you've ever watched Mad Max, trust me you will like episode nine. Trust me.

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