The Kindness Diaries: Episode Extras 10-13
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Episode Extras 10-13

Now that you've seen episodes ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen of Season 2 of The Kindness Diaries, it's time for some episode extras!

(And psst! If you missed Leon's previous episode extras, you can watch the episode 1-3 extras here, the episode 4-6 extras here, and the episode 7-9 extras here!)

Leon on episode 10: In Episode 10, I nearly drove off a cliff. But you will not see that.

Leon on episode 11: I'm not sure if you've ever seen Star Wars, I hope you have, and if you have, Episode 11 will remind you of where Luke is from. I went to the Salt Flats and it was like I was in Tatooine. It was just profoundly beautiful, and you will get the chance to see it if you watch Episode 11.

Leon on episode 12: So, you know the famous song, "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina?" Well, when I was at the border, I decided that I was going to start singing that song, and I said, "Don't cry for me, Argentina, because I am soon going to be with you," and I was, and I hugged the first Argentinian man I saw.

Leon on episode 13: Well, Episode 13 is a recap of everything that happens and I end up finding my way to Ushuaia, and I meet some pretty epic people. I have a button in my car which I looked at and it said "Danger, do not press," or something like that, and on the final day, I said to everyone, "I'm going to press this button and see what happens." Now, evidently, my car's here, so it didn't blow up, but something interesting happens.

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