All-Round Champion: Meet the Host
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All-Round Champion Coming TONIGHT!

Introducing the sports show to end all sports shows—All-Round Champion, coming TONIGHT at 8 ET | 5 PT.

Ten of the top young athletes in North America assemble to compete in the ultimate sports competition. The catch? They won't be competing in their own sports; they'll be competing in each other's. The athlete with the most points at the end will be deemed All-Round Champion.

Don't miss seeing it all go down tonight!

Meet the Host

Meet Perdita Felicien. the host of All-Round Champion and a sports champion in her own right. Find out what Perdita did at the Olympics and what she's doing now in the interview below.

Hi, my name's Perdita Felicien. I'm the host of All-Round Champion.

BYUtv: Tell us about yourself.

Perdita: I am a new mom. I have a little girl. In my spare time I like to do what most people do, which is hanging out on Instagram. I also like to write a lot.

BYUtv: What sport do you specialize in?

Perdita: I am a retired Olympian. I used to compete in the 100-meter hurdle. I've been to two Olympic Games, and I won two World Championship titles.

BYUtv: What got you started in your sport?

Perdita: My mother got me started in that. I used to mostly be a sprinter. Then I had a really bad race in the hurdles, and I quit for two years in high school. She kept nagging me to go back, and I took the sport of hurdles up again and kind of never stopped.

BYUtv: Tell us about All-Round Champion.

Perdita: All-Round Champion is amazing. It features ten elite athletes, and they're going to be like fish out of water. They're competing in sports that are foreign to them.

BYUtv: How old are the competitors?

Perdita: 12, 13, 14 and 15. They're all young, elite. I think this is going to be a summer they'll never forget.

BYUtv: What sports are in the show?

Perdita: I think there’s just about every sport that you can imagine in All-Round Champion. There is skateboarding, gymnastics, kayaking. There's also cart racing. There's swimming and diving. And I, as the host, dabble in a few of those sports, so I'm completely out of my league at times in the show.

BYUtv: What sport would you be the best at?

Perdita: I think I would be pretty good at kayaking. I think there's a lot of upper body strength involved, and you kind of have to have a fearless attitude, and I think I'd be good at that.

BYUtv: What sport would you be the worst at?

Perdita: Oh, the rest of the nine I would be the worst at. Can't golf. Can't swim. Probably the worst out of the nine, I would probably say diving.

BYUtv: What can viewers look forward to?

Perdita: If you want a just really feel-good adventure, that you never know what's going to happen next, I think you need to tune in to All-Round Champion.

BYUtv: What advice do you have for aspiring athletes?

Perdita: The advice that I have for aspiring athletes is to one—I think try every sport, even if you feel like you don't have the ideal build or someone has told you, "You wouldn't be good at that." Who cares? Try it anyway because you never know when something will stick. If I were you, I would tune in to All-Round Champion. It has fun, it has laughs, a few spills, but, more than anything, a lot of thrills, and it's a show that I'm so proud of. I am so proud of the fearlessness of our athletes. This is a show that, quite

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