Getting to Know Yorke Fryer as Abram
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Last week we introduced you to Chad Michael Collins who plays Ezra, this week we meet Yorke Fryer who brought Extinct's Abram to life.

BYUtv: Yorke, introduce us to your character Abram.

Yorke: Abram is a 67-year-old man who is a loving grandfather, father, and husband. Abram is a true romantic that really believes he can make the world better by simply helping one person at a time. He can see the evil in humanity, but he also sees the love and thinks that is worth fighting for.

BYUtv: What makes you and Abram similar?

Yorke: Well first Abram is old and I am an old spirit. I don't have a wife and kids, but I do dream of the day when I'll get to bounce my grandkids on my lap. We are also both peacemakers. When we see people separated by conflict we both have a desire to help those people work through the conflict so that they can find, and see each other clearly again.

BYUtv: What makes you and Abram different?

Yorke: Life experiences would be one of the biggest things. In 67 years of life, Abram has experienced more gain and more loss than I can imagine. He also seems to keep his hair pretty plain. I'm more of a Mohawk funky hair kind of guy.

BYUtv: Did you draw inspiration from another show or character during filming?

Yorke: No, I wouldn't say I was inspired by any other characters, but I would say he reminds me of Sheppard Book from Firefly. Sometimes he seemed like an old fuddy-duddy, but usually, he spoke from wisdom and experience. Thank you, Ron Glass for bringing Shep to life. Rest In Peace.

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BYUtv: If you had to describe Extinct in one word, what would it be?

Yorke: Love + Hope = Extinct

BYUtv: If you had to describe Abram in one word, what would it be?

Yorke: Father

BYUtv: Tell us one of your favorite memories from filming.

Yorke: Victoria, who plays the "tough Feena" running away from a small flying bug, while making a strange high pitched noise. Hard to play tough when you run away screaming from a bug.

BYUtv: Which actor broke character the most while filming?

Yorke: Jaclyn Hales (who plays Lynn)! If something weird happens while filming, avoid eye contact with that one, or she'll have you both laughing!

BYUtv: Is there anything else you want to share with fans?

Yorke: From day one, while getting my hair cut, I had the feeling that something special was happening with this show. I felt like this show would change lives, not just min,e or the people involved in making it, but also the lives of the people who watch. I hope it blesses people. I hope it helps them grieve and heal. I hope it brings them closer to God and the ones they love. I hope it helps people to forgive and accept forgiveness. I hope it gives them hope.

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Now that you know Yorke, and his character Abram make sure you binge watch the first 8 episodes of Extinct to see him in action. Find out about Chad and his character Ezra here.

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