Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ: Jack of all Trades
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Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ Coming April 6th!

You've heard of the school of hard knocks, but have you heard of the school of hilarious comedy? That's right—coming to you straight from Wayne Brady's own mind, Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ is education at its funniest.

Catch the premiere on April 6th at 8 ET | 5 PT on BYUtv.

Jack of all Trades

Comedian Wayne Brady can crack jokes with the best of them, but what other talents could he secretly be hiding?

Watch as he faces a table full of challenges and tries to earn the title Jack of all Trades.

Catch the Wayne Brady's Comedy IQ series premiere on April 6th @ 8 ET | 5 PT on BYUtv, the BYUtv app, or BYUtv.org.

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