Studio C School Stories: Jason
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Season 8 is back! We all know that Back to Studio C is way better than Back to School, but why not combine them both and learn a little bit more about our cast members? Let's do it!

We sat down with all 13 cast members and learned all about their time in school… and possibly heard some embarrassing stories as well. Lucky for you we had a camera there, and we're going to share it all with you this season!

First up, Jason!

Before we get to his School Story though, we wanted to give you guys a challenge, how well do you really know Jason? Could you pick a lie out from the truth… prove it here with Jason's two truths and a lie.

Did you get it right?! Jason isn't only good at impressions, he's good at fooling us with his detailed lies!

Now let's hear about a time back when Jason was in school.

We loved hearing from Jason this week, but like we said earlier we did this with all 13 cast members! Check back to the blog next week to find out more about the other 12 cast members.

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