From Snapchat to Mural-Painting: The Courageous Creativity of Shonduras
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Shaun "Shonduras" McBride turned his innovative Snapchat drawings into internet celebrity. How did his fame catapult so quickly, and is he ready to take his creative energy to real-world brick and mortar? Watch this week’s The New Creatives episode here, and then keep reading as host Austin Craig delves into the inner workings of Shaun’s incredible career.

In making this episode with Shaun, there were things I expected and things that surprised me. Shaun is just as playful and fun-loving as you’d think. But he’s also clear-headed and focused on broader goals. His success is not an accident. The incredible opportunities he has so regularly, whether it’s meeting with celebrities or traveling the world, are the product of constant hard work, audacious thinking, and always bringing value to the people he works with.

Shaun spends a lot of time thinking, tinkering, and experimenting with how to make his stuff more fun, funny, engaging, personal, and basically make his social pages your favorite places online. When he works with brands, he makes sure the arrangement is genuinely valuable to them. He even comes up with new and creative ways to provide value beyond what they ask for. And he isn’t waiting for those opportunities to knock on his door. Shaun is always looking for new ways to grow, try new things, and be creative in his content and business.

About the same time our first episode of The New Creatives premiered, Shaun announced that he was buying his own professional e-sports team. That is not an obvious move for most creatives or business people, but it’s a perfect fit for Shaun and really forward-thinking. It’s an investment, too. He dedicates a huge portion of his waking hours to making videos and other content for fans. He answers comments, questions, and direct messages way more often than you’d think from somebody with such a huge audience. He’s set aside practically half of his own house to act as HQ for all things Shonduras. The guy doesn’t rest.

If you compare Shaun McBride to The New Creatives’ first guest, Jake Parker, there are some interesting similarities. Jake is an incredible artist. From years of practice, Jake can bring almost any fanciful idea to life with ink. On the other hand, by his own admission, Shaun is a terrible artist even though he got his start by doodling funny pictures on Snapchat. But here is what they have in common: they both bet on and invest in themselves. They work hard every day to get better at what they do, deliberately practicing to find the best tools and methods. They are always looking for new opportunities and new challenges. Maybe those two things are related. They never let shortcomings stop them from making great work, releasing it, and moving on to the next opportunity or challenge. It may sound silly, but I think both of these guests are courageous. What they are both doing is hard work, requires a lot of self-drive, and will inevitably be criticized by faceless trolls online. But none of that slows them down.

If you want to catch up with Shaun's life, he is one of the easiest people on Earth to get an update from. Shaun uploads new videos every day on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Don't forget to tune in next Tuesday at 8:30pm MT for another new episode of The New Creatives on BYUtv.

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