Relative Race Season 6: More with Team Black
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More with Team Black

On Day 7 of Relative Race, Team Black received their third strike.

But while this couple no longer has a shot at the $50,000 grand prize, they're not totally done. Tune in to Relative Race next Sunday at 8 ET | 5 PT for a Team Black surprise!

In the meantime, let's have some fun with Team Black and see how well they know each other:

Relative Race Recap

While on the race, Team Black traveled 2,406 miles and met a total of 38 relatives! Let's look back on some of our favorite memories of Jenn and J.D's journey on the race.

Meeting their first family member: Episode 1

Getting that first place win: Episode 3

Testing out their sushi retrieval skills: Episode 5

Thank you, Jenn and J.D., for sharing your journey with us!

Keep Watching the Race

There are still three days left on Season 6 of Relative Race. Don't miss seeing our three remaining teams compete for the grand prize of $50,000 on Sundays at 8 ET | 5 PT.

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