Learn a Trick from Eric: Magic Yarn
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Learn The "Magic Yarn" Trick From Eric Leclerc

Season 2 of Tricked is in full swing and we're feeling inspired to learn some tricks of our own!

And what better way to learn how to become a magician than from the magician himself?

Here's everything you'll need for "Magic Yarn":

  1. 1 piece of yarn—that's it!

Share Your Trick With Us!

Once you've mastered this trick, we'd love to see it! Take a video of yourself and upload it to our Facebook page so we can see your magic in action.

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Watch Season 2 of Tricked on BYUtv

Watch Eric surprise unsuspecting people with new magic tricks every Monday at 6:30pm MT on BYUtv.

Missed any episodes from Season 2? Don't fret! You can catch up on all the magic below:

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