Tricked Season 2 Giveaway
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It's Time For A Tricked Giveaway!

To celebrate the Season 2 premiere of Tricked on October 8, 2018, we're giving away a magic kit and one $100 gift card to three lucky winners!

Enter below for the chance to win $100 and a magic kit that includes a 90-minute Houdini DVD, one 82-page trick manual, 20+ magic props and more. It's the perfect prize for any magician in the making!


Season 2 of Tricked

Join world-famous magician Eric Leclerc as he goes undercover with hidden cameras to pull mind-bending pranks on unsuspecting people. Using slight-of-hand and a slew of disguises, Eric is able to transform everyday situations into unforgettable memories.

Don't miss out on the magic and be sure to join us for the premiere of Season 2 on BYUtv on Monday, October 8th, at 9:30pm MT!

Until then, binge watch the entire first season to catch up on all the magical pranks.

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