Studio C: Top 10 Summer Sketches
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Top 10 Summer Sketches

Oh, those lazy summer days spent laughing your guts out at Studio C . . .

That's our favorite way to spend the summer, anyway, and to celebrate one more month of no-school bliss we've put together a list of our top ten favorite summertime sketches for you to watch.


#10 "Scary Sports Drink Side Effects"

Thinking about getting a beach bod? Maybe think again.

#9 "Elevator Romance Gone Wrong"

Nothing like a sweet summer romance to break your heart.

#8 "The Live Alarm Clock Infomercial"

Don't worry about this product. You can sleep late!

#7 "Titanic Love Story"

Feel like taking an icy swim?

#6 "We Found Bigfoot"

Keep an eye out for this big guy while you're hiking. He takes weekends off.

#5 "Guy Fieri Adventure"

Summer's a time to get out with friends and try new foods.

#4 "The Dung Beetle Song"

Nothing says summer like new and exciting bugs!

#3 "When Puberty Hits Too Late"

Fall's coming, and we have this to look forward to.

#2 "Homeschool Musical"

We can also look forward to this. Too soon?

#1 "Freezer Heads"

Finish your summer season on a sweet note with something from the freezer.

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