Studio C Dance-Off: Round 1 Winner
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Studio C Dance-Off

You've got to shimmy—you've got to shake—'cause nothing beats a sweet-potato bake! Er, dance-off.

Earlier this week we split Studio C cast members into teams and made them invent a new dance move from only its name: the "Sweet Potato Shimmy." After making three hilarious videos with their sweet-potato interpretations, they're ready to be judged. And the audience HAS SPOKEN.

And the Winners Are . . .

. . . Garet, Austin, and Jetta! Congratulations to these three awesomely awkward dancers. Check out their winning move below.

Click HERE to watch the video.


The other two teams may not have won, but their moves are still gloriously cringey. You won't want to miss the dances they came up with for "Sweet Potato Shimmy."

Tori & Ike

Click HERE to watch the video.

Jessica & Matthew

Click HERE to watch the video.

Check back next week when Studio C tackles another never-before-seen dance move in Round 2 of The Great Studio C Dance-Off.

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