Tricked: Binge-Watch Season 3
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Feel the Power

Eric Leclerc's tricks on Tricked have melted our minds and boggled our brains! These insane pranks have to be seen twice to be believed. Binge-watch? We think yes.

Binge-Watch Tricked Season 3

Get ready to see reality twisted because the magic on Season 3 is as crazy as it comes. But proceed with caution—your mind might explode! Watch all of the season HERE.

DIY Magic

Ready to try some tricks yourself? These easy magic tricks are totally doable and totally amazing.

Once you've mastered one, we'd love to see it! Take a video of yourself and upload it to our Facebook page so we can see your magic in action.

Cut a Lady in Half

Appearing Cookie

Floating Card

How to Mind Read

Floating Dinner Roll

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