The New Creatives: Eric Mesple
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Meet Eric Mesple

Eric Mesple is an artist from a small town in Colorado and grew up with parents who fully supported his need to create. With a formal education in both art and computer science, it's no wonder his pieces are out of this world.

Watch as The New Creatives team up with Eric to get a peek some of his works of art. The science and creativity behind his projects are unmatched and you won't want to miss this behind the scenes look.

The Challenge: #TNCmymentor

Jordan and Austin challenge you to find an expert in the type of art that inspires you and then go and learn from them.

Learn their techniques.

Get inside their brain.

Experience their creative process first-hand.

And then of course, apply it to your own work. Remember, "don't just watch stuff, make stuff."

Share Your Experience With Us!

Find a way to document your mentor experience and be sure to share it on your favorite social media platform and hashtag it with #TNCmymentor.

We can't to see what you guys are learning!

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