Studio C School Stories: Whitney
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Today is the halfway point of Studio C School Stories! Do you have a favorite story so far?! Was it Jason and his bully, Jeremy and his issues with passing out, Mallory and her embarrassing times in front of the cool kids, Dalton and how he came out of his shell, James and his misfortune with gym, or was it Adam and punching his teacher! It's REALLY HARD to pick a favorite, we know! Maybe today our cast member's story may become your favorite. Today we are featuring…



Whitney may seem super innocent, but find out how good she is at lying in her 2 Truths and a Lie!

See… she's not as innocent as she seems. She's an excellent liar!

Now it's time to find out about Whitney and her school fashion.

If only we had a picture of Whitney and her BRIGHT ORANGE outfit!

We hope you're enjoying these stories as much as we are! Don't forget to come back next week to find out more about our next cast member!

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