Relative Race Season 4: Meet Team Red
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Today, we're excited to introduce you to Mike Brown and Austen Williams of Team Red on Season 4 of Relative Race!

Find out about their strengths and weaknesses, who they want to meet, and MORE below:

Austen: Hi, I'm Austen.

Mike: And I'm Mike.

Austen: And we're Team Red. This is my dad.

Mike: I'm from Charleston, South Carolina.

BYUtv: Describe your partner in one word

Austen: Crazy.

Mike: Obnoxious. [laughing]

Austen: All is right in the world.

Mike: Pretty much.

BYUtv: Where do you think you’ll go on the race?

Mike: I think we're going to be on the East Coast. I would like to go to Vegas.

Austen: I've never been to Vegas so I'm on board for that. But I think we're going to end up in Connecticut because that's where he's from and maybe Philly, Atlanta, North Carolina.

Mike: East Coast.

Austen: South Carolina…those are all my guesses.

BYUtv: Why do you want to be on Relative Race?

Mike: We really don't have a clue who my side of the family is. My biological father, we don't have a hunch. And I'm more interested in passing along the information to my grandkids, her children.

Austen: He says that but he's definitely interested in finding out for himself.

Mike: I'm kind of curious to see what they look like. [laughing]

BYUtv: What is your team’s biggest strength?

Austen: Work smarter, not harder.

Mike: That's kind of how we roll.

Austen: Yep, in real life.

BYUtv: What is your team’s biggest weakness?

Austen: Pride.

Mike: Close proximity to my daughter for ten days.

Austen: Pride.

BYUtv: What are you most excited about?

Mike: I think communication is really what we need to focus on. As long as we can keep the dialogue going and being open and forward thinking all the time.

Austen: Thinking about things in unconventional ways. So working smarter, not harder, is going to be what will shave time off of the challenges and make us excel more quickly.

Mike: That's right.

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