Studio C Season 10: Getting to Know April
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Meet April Rock!

Studio C Season 10 premieres on September 30th at 8 ET | 5 PT, and we're already cracking up over the antics of our fantastic new cast! With only a month to go, it's time to meet these comedians one-on-one. This week, welcome April Rock!

Name: April Rock

Birthday: May 3

Where you’re from: Woodbridge, CT

—A picture of me when I was a lil' baby. The cast says I still look like this when I dance. I don't know about all that.

The last book you read: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

If you could be any character in a movie, it would be: Honestly, any superhero in a Marvel movie. That looks FUN and also tiring, because exercise, but also FUN!

—I really enjoy music and singing! The first instrument I played was piano. Then I learned French horn, guitar, and bass guitar. I am also an expert in all instruments on Rock Band (is that still relevant?).

The color you wear the most is: Pink. But my favorite color is yellow, so don’t get it twisted, folks.

Your favorite memory with a cast member is: When I first met the cast, they were all cheering, and Garet said “April, I’ve missed you so much.” That’s when I knew we were a match made in heaven (Garet and I).

—My family! Ira (goes by Glenn sometimes. Call him what you want—I just say Dad), Denise (just goes by Denise), and Jason (who doesn't know how to text his sister back).

Name 5 things you do in your free time: Roller skating, sleeping, working out, walking around outside and listening to music, and doing a facemask with Jetta Juriansz (see instagram for reference).

The one food you could eat every day for the rest of your life is: Chicken Wings. And then I’d just switch up the flavors for a variety. Honestly, I might start doing this now just because I can. Thank you for the idea.

—When I graduated from Pepperdine University! It was a great day surrounded by friends and family. And apparently I didn't take any normal pictures that day, so this is what we're working with.

What type of shoe describes your personality and why? A nice pair of sneakers, like Nike off-whites, because I keep my outfits pretty simple, but I still like to feel fancy (this doesn’t make sense and I’m sorry).

Tell us about your most memorable first (first kiss, first day of school, first comedy show, etc.): First time in Los Angeles. I was 12 years old with my mother and cousins, and I got to go to the Kids Choice Awards. It was sunny and perfect and a dream come true, and it was when I realized at some point I’d move to California.

—My friend hyping me up in one of my favorite outfits ever—a tracksuit. I now own a matching pink hat for this outfit as well as pink shoes. Things are looking good over here.

You memorize your lines for a sketch by: Walking around and saying them out loud

Where were you when you found out you made the Studio C cast? Roller skating on a Tuesday morning. We had just finished doing the Wobble, so good timing, I guess.

—A self-portrait

What are you most excited for in Season 10? For the viewers to get to know us all! We’re really nice, I promise.

The one piece of advice you’d give to Studio C fans is: Do things that make you happy and be kind to others! It’s a good idea, I promise.

—A portrait of me by Tanner

Season 10 of Studio C COMING SEPTEMBER 30TH!

Studio C Season 10 premieres September 30th at 8 ET | 5 PT! In the meantime, keep your sense of humor honed by watching every season of Studio C right here.

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