Relative Race Season 6: Inside Day 4
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Relative Race Day 4

Emotions aren't the only thing getting whiplash on Season 6 of Relative Race. Scroll down to find out how this episode has the teams blazing in fast out of a slingshot!

Watch Relative Race Season 6 Episode 4

On Day 4, Team Black gets to skip the city selfie on their way to meet J.D.'s closest relative yet. But will their first-place benefit be enough to save them from a critical mistake?

Tensions are running high in Team Green, and Teams Red and Blue both face traffic troubles. Who will race ahead, and who will get a strike?

Find out in Episode 4 below!

Catch Up with the Teams

Get the inside scoop on all of this season's teams!

  • Meet Team Red HERE.
  • Meet Team Green HERE.
  • Meet Team Black HERE.
  • Meet Team Blue HERE.

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