Relative Race Season 6: Inside Day 2
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Relative Race Day 2

Man the ramparts! Episode 2 of Relative Race Season 6 is here to storm the castle!

Scroll down to get all the details on how Team Red, Team Black, Team Blue, and Team Green faced all the medieval mayhem of Day 2.

Watch Relative Race Season 6 Episode 2

It's a call to arms as the Relative Race teams tackle a particularly violent challenge that requires them to tap their inner medieval selves. Then the teams are back on the road, heading to more relatives and more adventures. But while the other teams celebrate the new family members they've found, Team Red makes a tragic discovery.

Watch the full episode below!

Make Your Bracket

We're only on Day 2 and two teams already have strikes! How's your bracket looking? Haven't started one yet? There's still time to fill out your Relative Race Season 6 bracket and start a competition with your family. After all, family competition is what it's all about! You can download the bracket HERE.

Season 6 Group Interview

Check out the teams' predictions for the race HERE!

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