Relative Race Season 6: Inside Day 1
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Relative Race Day 1

Last night on the premiere of Relative Race, tires squealed as Team Red, Team Black, Team Blue, and Team Green zoomed across the starting line!

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on exactly what went down on Relative Race Day 1 and to watch Episode 1 for yourself.

Watch Relative Race Season 6 Episode 1

The teams face the ultimate pit-stop challenge before hitting the road with nothing but paper maps and the names of their destination cities. But tricky navigation is far from the hardest part of this Day 1. Watch the full episode to see the first relatives the teams find and to learn how one team handles some tragic news.

Make Your Bracket

It's not too late! There's still time to fill out your Relative Race Season 6 bracket and start a competition with your family. After all, family competition is what it's all about! You can download the bracket HERE.

Season 6 Group Interview

Check out the teams' predictions for the race HERE!

Connect with Relative Race

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