Which Studio C Character Are You?
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Have you ever wondering what Studio C character you are? We're sure there are a lot of ways to determine which character is the most like you, but none are as fun and easy as the Studio C Cootie Catcher!

Get instructions on how to make this amazing cootie catcher below!

How To Make Your Own Studio C Cootie Catcher!

Are you Star Feraldo, the Worst Plumber Ever, Susan Weebers, or the Black Crayon? Download this Studio C Cootie Catcher to find out! All you'll need are a pair of scissors, some beginner folding skills, and a friend to play with!

  1. Cut out square along gray dotted lines.
  2. Fold the opposite diagonal corners of the square together, then open them back up.
  3. Place the square printed side down and fold all four corners to the center.
  4. Flip the square over and fold all four corners to the center again.
  5. To use, fold in half and put your index fingers and thumbs inside the flaps.
  6. Play with your friends and found out which Studio C character you are!

Share It With Us!

Love who you matched up with? Share your Studio C character with us using the hashtag #StudioC!

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