Relative Race Season 3: Inside Day 6
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Last night on Episode 6 of Relative Race, each team meets family that changes their lives forever. Watch the heartwarming, tear inducing, and adventure-filled Episode 6 below!

Team Vlogs From Day 6

Find out more about the teams and get some behind the scene looks at Day 6 in the race!

Team Black: Day Benefit

Team Green: College

Team Green: Georgia

Team Green: College & Friends from Home

Team Red: Bridge

Team Red: Superheroes

Team Red: Crossfit

Team Red: Crossfit Fam

CLICK HERE to see all the team vlogs from the previous days in the race.

Catch up with Relative Race

Find out which team gets a strike and which team finishes Day 6 in first place by watching Episode 6 below:

If you have missed any episodes of Relative Race, you can watch them on-demand on BYUtv or on the BYUtv app.

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