Getting to Know the Blind Japanese Sensei
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We witnessed the blind Japanese Sensei's terrifying skills in the newest episode of Studio C, and now it's time to put him in the hot seat!

Getting to Know the Blind Japanese Sensei

Find out his amazing hair secrets in our exclusive interview below:

BYUtv: What do you like to do for fun?

Japanese Sensei: For fun, I count to ten and then back down to one and then I count to five and back down to one and then I count to seven and then I take a nap.

BYUtv: What is your favorite food?

Japanese Sensei: Rice.

BYUtv: What is your dream career?

Japanese Sensei: Botanist.

BYUtv: What is your favorite animal?

Japanese Sensei: Human.

BYUtv: What is your favorite movie?

Japanese Sensei: "It Happened One Night." It's a very good Frank Capra film.

BYUtv: What is one word that describes you?

Japanese Sensei: [Silence]

BYUtv: What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Japanese Sensei: I panic because I can't see, and then I remember that I can't see.

BYUtv: What is your favorite dance move?

Japanese Sensei: Sitting reverently. Like that.

BYUtv: What is your favorite Studio C sketch?

Japanese Sensei: There's one where they sing a song about the Quesalupa from Taco Bell. I've never had one, but it always seemed like something I would be into.

BYUtv: What is your best piece of advice?

Japanese Sensei: Love one another.

BYUtv: How do you keep your hair so healthy?

Japanese Sensei: The blood of my enemies.

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Studio C Season 9

There are still many more laughs to be had in Season 9 of Studio C! Tune in to BYUtv every Monday at 7pm MT for new episodes.

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