Reverse Mad Libs with Matt
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It's Time for Another Studio C Reverse Mad Libs!

Today, we're bringing in Matt for a Reverse Mad Libs Story like never before!

But before we reveal his amazing story, here is a rundown of Reverse Mad Libs:

  1. Create a unique story using nine specific words
  2. You HAVE to use nine words we give you
  3. The story can be as long/short, crazy/random, serious/funny as you want!

Here are the nine words the Studio C cast must use in their story:

Awkward, ice cream, ka-POW, announcement, heartbroken, acne, ripped, chore, and flibbertigibbet.

Reverse Mad Libs With Matt!

Like a true creative, Matt made this a story you won't want to miss!

And don't forget to challenge yourself! How fast can you spot all nine words?

Captain Flibbertigibbet’s space cruiser ripped across the night sky. “Another day, another potentially cataclysmic, space-time-altering, boring problem”. He had saved the universe so many times it had become a chore. The galactic equivalent to taking out the trash. “Announcement! screeched the on-board computer in the most annoying voice imaginable: Natalie Madsen's. “The people of Zartac 7 are under attack.” The captain flipped his cruiser toward sector 9 and put it in hyper-drive.

“Would you like me to give you the specifications of—

“Please stop talking.”

“But Captain—"

“Your voice is like verbal acne.”

An awkward silence filled the ship.

“I just—"

“Ahhhh! Why would you ruin perfectly good silence with something as awful as your voice?!”

The computer became angry. “I’m just trying to help!”

“Have you considered throwing yourself into the heart of a super nova? Cause that would help me”

“Why are you being so mean?!” said the computer, heartbroken, but no less annoying. “One more word,” said the captain, “and I promise you, I will deactivate—” KA-POW!!! The cruiser had arrived at Zartac and was immediately struck by an enemy photon cannon. As the cruiser exploded, and the captain knew he had finally reached his end, an unexpected comfort overcame him as he realized, “At least the computer will also die." He had never known such peace, and he passed from this life with a smile upon his face. Ice cream.

Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to the actual person is purely coincidental, Natalie.

There Are More Stories Coming Your Way!

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We'll see you next week for an all-new Studio C reverse mad libs story from another cast member!

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