The New Creatives: Jake Parker
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Meet Jake Parker

Jake Parker is a cartoonist and illustrator who loves to continually push his bounds of creativity. One way he tested his creativity was to draw 100 characters with similar characteristics, but in totally different ways. While the challenge deemed difficult at first for Jake, 20 characters turned into 50, which lead to 100 and even 200.

This exercise proved that creativity is not something that exhausts itself the more you use it. Turns out, the more you exercise creativity - the more you get! Check it out:

The Challenge: #TNCmy100

To put this theory of creativity to the test, Jake Parker and The New Creatives team challenged you to create 100 somethings, to find what you're good at and re-create that something in new ways, 100 times.

Here are some of our favorite submissions from the #TNCmy100 challenge:

The Challenge Isn't Over

Creativity never stops and neither should you! We challenge you to test yourself and stretch your creativity to try and create 100 somethings.

Make sure to hashtag your photos with #TNCmy100 on your favorite social media platform, so we can see your work!

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