Reverse Mad Libs with Dalton
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Studio C Reverse Mad Libs

Today, we're starting your week off right with a new Reverse Mad Libs from Studio C!

This Reverse Mad Libs is written by our very own Dalton! We don't mean to spoil his story but prepare yourselves for an amazing story featuring Gandalf and Frodo.

For those of you new here, here is a quick rundown of how Reverse Mad Libs works:

  1. Create a unique story using nine specific words
  2. You HAVE to use nine words we give you
  3. The story can be as long/short, crazy/random, serious/funny as you want!

Here are the nine words the Studio C cast must use in their story:

Awkward, ice cream, ka-POW, announcement, heartbroken, acne, ripped, chore, and flibbertigibbet.

Reverse Mad Libs with Dalton!

Can you spot all nine words in Dalton's story?

The Fellowship had finally made it: The Walls of Moria. Gandalf motioned for the group to stop as they reached as unassuming part of the wall. He looked at the wall, then to the sky, expectantly. Then conveniently, the clouds parted, letting the moonlight spill through and unto the wall. The night light revealed a slowing door with an Elvish inscription. Gandalf motioned towards the door.

“It reads: the walls of Durin, king of Moria. Speak friend and enter”

“What does it mean?” asked Merry annoyingly.

“Well”, said Gandalf, “That’s pretty obvious. We probably have to say some keyword from an inside joke with the king”


Gandalf rolled up his sleeved in anticipation “Ice cream!” he yelled.

Frodo looked confused. Did he know any inside jokes with that guy?

“Acne!” he paused a moment. “Announcement!”

“Gandalf!” yelled Frodo, concerned. “Are you saying random words until something works?”

Gandalf looked at Frodo blankly, then turned back to the wall. “Fibbertigibbet!”

Frodo grew more worried. At best, this was lazy writing from the author; at worst, dementia.

“Awkward! Ripped! Chore! Heartbroken!”

“Stop!” yelled Frodo “What’s the Elvish word for frreud?”

“Ah” Gandalf paused. “…Ka-pow!”


There Are More Stories Coming Your Way!

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We'll see you soon for an all-new Studio C reverse mad libs story from another cast member!

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