Relative Race Season 3: Meet Team Blue
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Last week, we introduced you to Team Green of Relative Race Season 3. Today, we are excited for you to meet Michael and Dylan Anderson of Team Blue!

Find out about who they want to meet, what their team strategy is, who the better driver is, and even who has a good Elvis impression below:

BYUtv: Describe yourself

Dylan: Definitely crazy, weird, quiet, very creative. I think at least.

Michael: Fun, charismatic, creative, artistic, emotional wreck…uh-- No. Funny, goofy, sarcastic, fun-loving, that's me.

BYUtv: Expectations for the race?

Michael: Well, what am I expecting out of Relative Race is the most important thing, I get to share this with my son. I'm hoping to meet anybody and everybody that can tell me where I come from and why I'm here. If there was one person I want to meet above all, it's my mother. She's the only person to answer every question I have. And I want to win $50,000, so it's the whole thing! And I mean, just to go across the country on this once in a lifetime opportunity, and to share it with my son? That's the most important thing to me.

BYUtv: Biggest strength?

Michael: Our team's biggest strength is our creativity; being able to think outside the box. With us being professional photographers, we shoot a lot of weddings and a lot of events where you've gotta think on the fly, and we're really good at that. So, I think that's going to help us every day when we don't know where we're going, we don't know what challenges we have ahead of us, to be able to think really fast and get things done.

BYUtv: Team strategy?

Michael: With our strategy is "keep it simple, stupid." We don't want to overthink stuff. We mess up, we move on quickly. He's younger and faster, so his running ability's going to help me. I'm a lot smarter than he is, so all the wise stuff will be helpful on my end. But just move quickly, don't let things get to us. Go, go, go.

BYUtv: Most looking forward to?

Dylan: I'm looking forward to going over obstacles that look impossible or hard at first and we overcome them even so.

Michael: What does that even mean?

Dylan: Well, they tell us something stupid hard and we don't know what we're doing, then we beat it! How amazing would that feel?

Michael: I have no idea what he's talking about.

Dylan: You do it then!

BYUtv: Better driver?

Michael: Me!

Dylan: Yeah.

BYUtv: Better cook?

Dylan: That… neither?

Michael: We both suck.

Dylan: Yeah, we both are pretty terrible at cooking.

BYUtv: Most clean?

Dylan: I'm pretty clean!

Michael: Yeah, not me.

Dylan: Yeah, I'm pretty okay with cleaning stuff.

BYUtv: Better singer?

Dylan: I got a good Elvis impression.

Michael: I'm horrible. I can't even sing in the shower.

BYUtv: Most athletic?

Michael: Look at me! Seriously, is that even a question? Uh, him!

Dylan: Yup.

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