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Team Blue on Relative Race

On Day 4 of Season 4 of Relative Race, Team Blue's journey came to end. From (jj) to (jj) and meeting new family members in between, their adventure on Relative Race was a memorable one.

Come along with us as we recap their journey from the beginning to the end.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

More with Team Blue

We sat down with Tiffany and Josh to find out some of their likes and dislikes.

Check out their answers to our rapid fire questions below:

To celebrate their time spent in the race, we gathered some unseen footage of Team Green, recapped their 8-day adventure, and Morgan shares with us what "family" is to her. Check it out!

Unseen Videos of Team Green

We put Team Green to the test with these minute to win it games:

Get to know Team Green even MORE:

Race Recap

With 8 days in the race, Team Green completed a lot of challenges and met a lot of new family members. We recapped some of the things they did each day to help you remember their journey!

Here are some challenges they completed and the family they met during the race!

  • Day 1: Unraveled yarn to find a hidden charm and met their cousin Reinassance Austen.

  • Day 2: Tried their hand at shooting targets and met their cousin Wes Bratcher.

  • Day 3: Completed a slide puzzle of their relative's face and met their cousin Keanna O'Quinn.

  • Day 4: Transcribed the introduction of a book using a typewriter and were interviewed by their cousin Deborah Rankins who is the host of a radio show!

  • Day 5: Correctly identified 10 bones on a skeleton model and met their cousin Theresa Taylor.

  • Day 6: Correctly identified 10 vegan foods (and ate a LOT of non-vegan foods while they were at it). They also met their cousin Kemberly Edwards and found out that their great-grandfather was born a slave but died a free man.

  • Day 7: Found 4 Elvis Presley related items in a store and their cousin Jimmy Fleming showed them his impression Elvis collection.

  • Day 8: Correctly answered 10 art history questions and sang "Amazing Grace" at a local church with their cousin Hope Manson and her family.

What is family?

Morgan sums up family by simply saying, "Through all of the years and mountains we've climbed, I am connected to your story and you are connect to mine."

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