Studio C School Stories: Mallory
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Last time we heard from Jeremy and learned a lot about him, and found out something he can't handle… if you missed it check it out here. Who's ready to learn more about…


Before we get to her School Story, just like last week, we need to see if Mallory can trick you! Can you pick the lie… prove it here with Mallory's two truths and a lie.

Did you get it right?! Poor Mallory, the popular kids just had to be watching.

Now let's hear about Mallory's time in school!

Aren't we all grateful for the embarrassing moments of Mallory's life that helped us get some amazingly funny sketches?!

Don't forget, we did this with all 13 cast members! Check back to the blog next week to find out more about the other Studio C cast members. Don't forget to watch Jeremy and Jason's videos!

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