Relative Race Season 3: Meet Team Green
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Last week, we introduced you to Team Red of Relative Race Season 3. Today, we are excited for you to meet Jamie Grace and Morgan Harper Nichols of Team Green!

Find out about who they want to meet, what their looking forward to the most, who the better cook is, and even who the better singer is below:

BYUtv: Tell us about yourselves.

Jamie: We're from Los Angeles, California.

Morgan: We are musicians and we travel a lot; and have a lot of fun doing that. And, here we are!

Jamie: We're also sisters. We're 21 months apart, and we're just super excited to be on Relative Race and meet some more of our family.

BYUtv: Where do you want to go?

Jamie: I really hope that we end up in Louisiana because I really hope that we have some relatives with that really cool New Orleans accent--because I love accents.

Morgan: That's so specific!

Jamie: I know. I just love accents and culture. Any of our relatives that just have any strong connection to culture and they're really passionate about something in their culture, I know we're going to be excited about, 'cause we love people so much.

Morgan: Yeah, and the times where we have had family members that we've met in the past, those are always the family members that we've gravitated to. Who had a cool story, you know, they did something really neat, they were really into some specific thing. Because we're into something specific with music, and we're really passionate about that, and it's a huge part of our lives! So it would be cool to meet someone who also had something that was really neat that they were really into that we could meet

BYUtv: Why compete?

Jamie: We're competing in Relative Race because we really, truly love our family, and we're so excited to meet more of our family. The reason we actually live in California now is because our mom has a rare medical condition, and there are much better doctors out on the West Coast, and there are some great ones in Georgia as well, but she really needed to be out on the West Coast for some time. So, we literally packed up, myself, my sister, her husband, and our parents, in our cars, everything that we own, and drove to California to live in one house and to serve our mom, and family means everything to us, so the idea of getting to pack up and drive across the country for family yet again, it just makes a lot of sense.

BYUtv: Better driver?

Morgan: I'm definitely a better driver.

Jamie: Oh, Morgan. Morgan's a better driver.

Morgan: It's my area of expertise. Not ashamed to say.

BYUtv: Better cook?

Jamie: I'm definitely the better cook.

Morgan: Jamie's definitely the better cook.

Jamie: I like to meal plan…

Morgan: Yeah, I don't have time for that.

Jamie: But, Morgan does cook She makes our family's recipe of, like, homemade mac and cheese, which I don't know how to make yet, so that is absolutely wonderful.

BYUtv: Most clean?

Jamie: I think it depends!

Morgan: When it comes to a house setting, I think at home I'm probably more clean, but on the road, you're more organized. Like, your packaging, when you pack stuff…

Jamie: Yah, I repack my suitcase every night that we're on tour.

Morgan: Oh, my gosh I'm just, like, "throw it all in there!"

Jamie: So, I would say that for sure. I'm a little more organized, but Morgan's more into cleanliness.

Morgan: Yeah, that's true.

Jamie: But I'm not dirty! I bathe and stuff.

BYUtv: Better singer?

Jamie: I personally think Morgan's a better singer, because she's older, she's been doing it longer, and her voice is amazing!

Morgan: Yeah but it's weird--I think we have our own strengths. We're better singers in different settings. There are certain songs where I'll be like, "No. No way I can hit those notes," 'cause she has a higher register.

Jamie: Yeah, but then there are certain songs when I would rather do harmony, 'cause her voice is so pretty, I'm like,"You just sing it, I'll just sing with you."

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