Family Rules: Interview with Brooke Walker
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Meet Brooke Walker

Coming to BYUtv October 6th at 2 ET | 11 PT, it's a brand new show that takes family to the front! Introducing Family Rules!

On this show, Brooke Walker and her fellow co-hosts engage with well-known personalities in studio and various families in their homes to discover accessible strategies and tools that viewers can use to put their families first.

Keep reading for an exclusive interview with Brooke.

BYUtv: Tell us five facts about yourself.

Brooke: I'm the oldest in an all-girl family (my sisters double as my best friends, and my Dad is the best!). I met my husband, Marc, on a blind date (arranged by my Dad—have I mentioned he's the best?). We have three kids: Emme (4 years old), Boston (2 years old) and Lucy (1 year old). I have a recent obsession with Sweet Tart Ropes. I'm a homebody! I'm the very happiest when I'm at home.

BYUtv: What do you like to do in your free time?

Brooke: We have three kids, ages four and under . . . so "free time" isn't a common occurrence!

BYUtv: Tell us a little bit about Family Rules.

Brooke: Family Rules is a show dedicated to celebrating and strengthening families. We'll be sharing inspiring stories and ideas that will hopefully make your family better, stronger, and closer.

BYUtv: What are the demographics of the families you are interviewing?

Brooke: Families come in all forms, and this is a show that celebrates all families!

BYUtv: What are some family challenges that you see in today’s society?

Brooke: Families today face a long list of challenges: technology, connection, communication. But I believe the biggest challenge is the temptation to undervalue the family. A family is the most powerful source and force!

BYUtv: Why are these topics important to talk about?

Brooke: Life is so fast-paced and busy. We have to purposefully seek out opportunities to talk about what's really important—and family tops that list!

BYUtv: What’s one of your favorite family traditions?

Brooke: Popcorn and an Orange Julius on Sunday evenings!

BYUtv: Anything you’d like to say to the viewers?

Brooke: Thanks (in advance!) for watching and supporting Family Rules. I hope you love the show!

Family Rules Premieres October 6th at 2 ET | 11 PT!

This Sunday's the day! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to watch the experts discuss tips and tricks for your family October 6th at 2 ET | 11 PT.

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