Making Good: Sing-Along
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Sing Along with Kirby Heyborne

Kirby Heyborne, host of Making Good, is a big fan of making people smile and a big fan of singing. Now he's combining his passions together in a series of upbeat sing-along videos.

But Kirby can't sing alone—he needs your help! So warm up those pipes and get ready to warble to songs guaranteed to put a smile on your face and the faces of those around you.

Scroll down to see this week's song!

"You Take Me by the Hand"

Join Kirby at the Glamour Gals Gala to celebrate love that lasts through the years.

"Back on the Road"

Life can be rough, but Kirby's experience with Cars that Care taught him that there will always be people out there waiting to help weary travelers over the bumps.

"I Love My Bike"

Everybody loves their bike! In this week's sing-along, Kirby, helped out by the crew and patrons of Free Bikes 4 Kidz, lets out his feelings in song. Let yours out too and sing about your love for your bike loud and clear!

"Walking by My Side"

If there's one thing Kirby learned by working at the Loving Thunder Ranch it's that we can't get through life on our own. Listen to this week's touching song below to find out exactly what he means by "Walking by My Side."

"Sierra's Song"

You'll want to head right down to your local shelter and adopt a pup after you hear this love song from Kirby to Sierra. Written at Muttville, here's "Sierra's Song"!

"One More Lawn to Mow"

Kirby wrote this epic song when he applied for Raising Men Lawn Care Service in Episode 9. "Try not to be inspired to mow lawns. I dare you!" —Kirby

"Gonna Find My Way Home"

From Kirby to the homeowner to all the volunteers working to rebuild a house with Home Works of America, everyone singing this song found their hearts a little closer to home.

"Weight On!"

Kirby learned the phrase "weight on" while working with Reach 4 the Stars, an organization that operates a wheelchair-accessible hot air balloon. Find out what "weight on" means figuratively and literally in Kirby's newest sing-along.

"Keep the Faith Alive"

After working with Operation BBQ Relief, Kirby wrote this song in honor of the Hurricane Florence victims and responders who helped each other keep the faith through disaster's aftermath. Sing along to this heartwarming song below.

"Old Skool"

Inspired by Kirby's experience at Old Skool Cafe in Episode 1, this song will make you want to hold your friends and family close.

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