Relative Race Season 6: Inside Day 8
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Relative Race Day 8

Though everyone's missing Team Black, the last three teams on Relative Race press forward through Day 8.

But with two strikes and elimination on the line, this may be the most grueling day yet for Team Red. Will they go any farther?

Scroll down to catch up on this week's episode.

Watch Relative Race Season 6 Episode 8

This week's challenge calls for strong mind-reading skills, and some of the teams discover they're less in sync than they thought they were.

Team Black cashes in their golden "meet a relative" ticket for one last reunion, and DeShae of Team Green meets someone she never thought she would.

Catch all the details in Episode 8 below. Then scroll down for a special insider peek at the teams!

Vlogs with Team Green and Team Red

Find out what the teams think about after the cameras turn off!

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